Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Beautiful Things

Beauty surrounds us. We see it in nature, in our children, in colors, in decorating, in food, in architecture, in's everywhere. God truly has designed a beautiful world. But even then, somehow beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. I'm on a 31 day mission to blog about beautiful things. This topic is broad, because in this attempt to blog for 31 days straight, honestly, I wanted to be sure I didn't run out of information! Not gonna lie....I'm a little nervous.....and a lot excited. Will you join me?

Here's how you can help make this experience fun:

1. Read daily...follow along with the topic every day.

2. Leave a comment. If something interests you or you have a question, feel free to tell, ask, advise.

3. Pass along...if you think someone would enjoy the information, pictures, humor....feel free to pass along the link. We're all in this together.

So grab some tea, coffee, coke. Get cozy on your laptop or other electronic device and come back tomorrow for our first look at some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

I'm planning on using this page to link all my 31 Days posts also, so if you looking for something in'll be able to just hit the link listing.

Fun times ahead! Thanks for coming along!


Day 1: Beautiful Feet
Day 2: Beautiful Mistakes
Day 3: Beautiful Simplicity
Day 4: Beautiful Homes
Day 5: Beautiful Women
Day 6: Beautiful Need
Day 7: Beautiful Seasons
Day 8: Beautiful Babies
Day 9: Beautiful Loved One
Day10: Beautiful Antiques
Day 11: Beautiful Details
Day 12: Beautiful Hollywood
Day 13: Beautiful Gospel
Day 14: Beautiful Surprises
Day 15: Beautiful Dust Bunnies and Dirty Laundry
Day 16: Beautiful Quietness
Day 17: Beautiful Promise
Day 18: Beautiful Keys
Day 19: Beautiful Hope
Day 20: Beautiful Beautiful
Day 21: Beautiful Comfort Food
Day 22: Beautiful Gratitude
Day 23: Beautiful Defense
Day 24: Beautiful Photography
Day 25: Beautiful Day
Day 26: Beautiful Body
Day 27: Beautiful Jesus
Day 28: Beautiful Mommas
Day 29: Beautiful Landscapes
Day 30: Beautiful Rain
Day 31: Beautiful Month

PS. If you're a blogger and you think you might be interested in participating in  31 Days, feel free to take a look at The Nester...where you can find tons of information about it there.

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