Friday, October 11, 2013

Day #11 Beautiful Details

handmade quilted Grandmother's garden patchwork bag

Hand quilted project, boutis



The word tells us that through Him and for Him all things were created,
That we are as clay in the potter's hands.
What kind of potter possesses the power to change the seasons
And the subtlety to bring forth a radiant flower from the smallest bud
Or endows a fragile monarch butterfly with the instinct to travel thousands of miles
Or through the thunder and lightning of a panoramic storm brings life-giving rain?
Who blesses a humble grain of wheat by some miracle to germinate and produce a stalk with multiple grains at its head?
When planted in great numbers it produces food for thousands.
The Word tells us that the pinnacle of creation,
The baby conceived in a virgin's womb by the Holy Spirit
Died on a cross to pay for his workmanship's failures
That if we believe in Him we do not perish but are re-created by nail-scarred hands
Emerging as from a cocoon
Raptured souls finding rest beyond the river
Glorifying the triune Creator forever and ever!

--Jack L. Griffin

God's Country - revamped

Details are beautiful. And sometimes we need to take a closer look so we can understand better what God is up to. Looking at the details cause us to stop, think and sit in wonderment of the extreme creativity and detail that God spent on us. The human body, nature, all screams of God's amazing attention to details.

And..since we were created in His image, He's given us all a spirit of creativity. Maybe it's crafting or music or computer design or gardening...if you look hard enough, you'll find an area of creativity, an area of detail that He's given you too. Honor Him with that. The details scream of God's majesty. I want to be a part of that..don't you?

Leave a comment: What's your area of creativity or attention to detail?

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