Monday, September 2, 2013

Officially Home

School starts tomorrow at the school I've taught at for the last few years. And I'm officially a full-time homemaker. It really hasn't seemed real until now. Back to school sales, the hustle and bustle of getting a classroom and bulletin boards ready have alluded me altogether. As teacher friends are pinning teaching ideas and cute quotes, I've been in the back of the class cheering them on...quietly. I pray all the patience, wisdom and grace they will need for this year ahead.

And today as I sat down to write out a few goals...I's official...Homemaker...that's me. A dream come true. And while it's filled with some uncertainty and a little nervousness on how this is really supposed to look, I'm certainly thrilled that God has allowed me this blessing.'s my goals for this week.

1. Make homemade bread (instead of sandwich bread).

2. Cook dinner every night (except Wednesday because the church cooks for us...Hallelujah)

3. Stick to the homeschool schedule

4. Write Genesis 1:26-28; 9:1-7, Psalm 16:11,1 Corinthians 10:31, by hand, daily, in preparation for Sunday School Sunday.

5. Spend time studying for Bible Study teaching Wednesday Night

6. Work on needlework for 30 minutes

7. Menu plan for next week

8. Read one chapter of Pollyanna aloud with kids.

9. Encourage Bruce
How are you spending your week? If you're a full-time homemaker, do you find it easy to waste time? Or, are you a go-getter? Do you keep a pretty tight schedule or fly by the seat of your pants? What works for you....Give a girl some advice if you have any tips you think I could use! Thanks!

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