Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Complain Much?

One of the many hazards of homeschooling is that my kids aren't always quite as polite to the teacher as they might be if the teacher were someone else. There's a comfortableness that, while endearing, can also be taken advantage of if we aren't careful.

Complaining seems to be the most popular issue at hand right now. Complaining about doing schoolwork, how much schoolwork, how hard the schoolwork is, how boring it is, how tired they are, how long it takes....need I go on????

Anyway...I've explained until I'm blue in the face, we've spanked (yes, we do that), we've prayed, we've raised our voices (ok..maybe that was just me), I've lectured....And I've grown weary.

And since I'm not a complainy type person for the most part, this is under my skin. WHEN DID THEY BECOME THIS WAY??? I think the same way we all do sometimes.

1. We only want to do what we want to do.

2. We think what we want is the most important thing on earth.

3. We think we are right.

4. We don't think of the effort others have made for us to have, do, be....

5. We become covetous. We want what others have even if that mean different but not better.

And so now I'm figuring out a plan of action that might help my kids think before they complain...at least some of the time.

1. Gratitude. Speak and write thanks when you are tempted to complain.

2. Do something for someone else when you are tempted to complain.

3. Pray about your attitude. Is this really something that is important enough to complain about?

4. File your complaint. Write it down and place it in the complaint jar. If it's still worthy of conversation at the end of the day, we will read it.

As I was thinking about these things I thought how they really apply to any area of our lives. We waste so many words complaining about things that don't matter, that when we really do have a concern that deserves our words, no one listens. I'm praying that I can teach my own kids the extreme value in a word spoken in due season. Just because I'm an adult doesn't mean I've mastered this concept. In fact, it's just a great reminder to use my words wisely.

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