Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day #30 Beautiful Rain

If you know me personally then you probably know that there isn't much I love better in this world than a rainy day. And we're getting one today. Everything just looks better after rain....the trees and grass are greener, the flowers brighter, the dust off everything washes and vegetation looks stronger. It's been nourished, watered, fed. Things slow down...people are more careful about how they drive and walk and we hold things a little they matter a little bit they won't slip or fall out of our grasp.

And sometimes we all need a day of rain to look better. A day of refreshment, of feeding on the Living Water, of being nourished in His Word, fed by the bread of life. We're stronger after sitting in the "rain". Things look brighter, the cloud of dust and dirt that once hindered our clear view of life, of God, of ourselves and's lifted...and we are stronger, more deeply rooted. We slow down...we're more careful and we remember what's truly important.

And when His rain comes down...what refreshment it brings! When His glory comes down it fills our spirit...His presence fills us. We get a glimpse of who He is...and it's empowering. We're reminded of our smallness in the rain...of His greatness. It's in those moments...we find ourselves wondering why we don't pray for rain...beautiful rain... more often.

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