Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crafting, Piano and the Presence of God

When I resigned from my teaching position last year one of my goals was to be able to have a little time to do a few creative things that I enjoy. Selfish? Maybe, but not if I can use those gifts to glorify God and maybe even minister to someone else through them. So, I began with a few things that I already had the supplies to work on....I crocheted dishrags using all the cotton yarn I had stocked up on. In addition to that, I did a little needlepoint. I enjoyed both very much.

But, I had an idea for a Christmas gift that involved mixed media...chipboard, string, papers, stickers and much more and I really wanted to get started on it. But the time to get it done really wasn't anywhere in the budget....Until last Saturday....

So, I set out my supplies all over the kitchen table, made myself a glass of diet coke, set the phone to Pandora's piano praise and worship and began working (oh..and did I mention it was raining...perfect). I had done the first couple of things on my project and was taking a small break. It was then that I felt God's presence fill my little kitchen. I sat there and this overwhelming feeling of emotion swept over me..I know to some this may sound really cooky....but I know it was the presence of God washing over me. And before, maybe this might have made me feel uncomfortable, or maybe even have shrugged off the feeling out of weirdness or emotionalism or even embarrassment, but this timeI decided to stay in the moment. To just sit and let the piano music and the spirit of the Gentle Savior surround me. I cried some. But other than that I just enjoyed those moments with the Lord. I didn't get some deep revelation. I didn't have a vision or speak in tongues. The only thing I came away with was a peace and awareness that I'd been in His presence. I guess I came away with more than I can really put into words.

What was completely wonderful about this experience was that not even a week later, I was watching our Bible study for Wednesday nights, and the speaker began speaking about the exact same thing. I thought to myself....I must not be crazy!!! If Charles Stanley can feel this way, so can I!!!

What a thought...that He would want me to be near enough to experience His presence in my life. I know I've had similar experiences before, but none that was so overwhelmingly beautiful as this one.

Thanks for loving me Lord and wanting me to be near you.

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