Friday, October 4, 2013

Day #4 Beautiful Homes

About 4 months ago, we bought 2 acres of land...with hopes and dreams that we will be able to build a home on it within the next year or so. Before the ink was dry on the documents I started looking at house plans. Sorting through styles and how many bedrooms and detached garages and bonus rooms was fun, exciting, overwhelming and sometimes...too much. I've browsed through pinterest and more hours than I'm willing to admit looking for the plan that's just for us.

We've bought houses in the past but never built one. I've never had the chance to build exactly what I not messing this up is pretty important to me. Or is it? This hit me the other day...

It's not the four walls that will surround our house that will make it a home.

It's not whether I pick laminate or granite counter tops that will make it a home.

It's not hardwoods or carpet or brick or hardy plank that will make it a home.

It's not how big or how much money or what it looks like that will make it a home.

We've already got all the ingredients for a beautiful home. We've got our dream.

We have Jesus. Every member of our family. He's building this beautiful family. This home. It has nothing to do with supplies or decor or style. It's all about the builder.

Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. - Psalm 127:1

So the pressure's off. The master builder is in charge. While I pick house plans and finishes to build this temporal housing, He is busy building a family...a real home...something not made by earthly hands. Something that's eternal in the hearts of our family.

The great thing is that anyone can have this kind of don't have to qualify for financing, have permits or anything else. You just have to have Jesus. In a world where homes are falling apart in discontentment, divorce, alternative lifestyles and selfishness, no one is immune to the dangers of a faulty foundation. Jesus doesn't build junk. Allow Him to build your home. You can't build what He can.

Invite Him in. Sound silly? It's not...Invite Him to be a part of your daily family life. Talk with Him in prayer at mealtimes and bedtimes and anytime you feel the need for His presence to be near and real. Tell him your struggles and your problems and your fears. He has a remedy. Get in the blueprint (God's Word) and find it. Soon you'll find your house becoming a home...because you moved....closer to the heart of God.

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