Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day #24 Beautiful Photography

I'm a fan of beautiful photography. I just wish I could take beautiful pictures. With the help of instagram and other photo editing programs my pictures look decent...but not near as good as some I've seen.

The Best Kind of Gold - Fall in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico

Luckiamute Falls

Falls of Spring - Swinging Bridge, Yosemite National Park, California

These pictures were obviously not taken by me. They are clear and reflective and my thumb isn't in the corner. The focus is good, the clarity and colors are vivid. Truly there is an art to this.

I like how a photo tells a story. You can imagine yourself in that scene or recall what you did. Photos bring back memories of good times and happiness. They remind us of loved ones and the power of a negative developing into something beautiful. It's a reflection of tiny details coming together to make something worth remembering.

That's life isn't it? It's our story, all the scenes...the good and the not so good...the happy and the sad...the loved ones...the negatives developing us into something beautiful...all the tiny details coming together to make something that is worth remembering. Worth passing down. Worth sharing. Worth taking a second look at.

There are no perfect pictures. There is always something the photographer would do just a tad bit differently. But sometimes the imperfections make the photo really beautiful...really interesting....worth remembering. It's those photos that tell the stories worth repeating...those stories of hope and heartache and blessings and beauty. It's those stories that allow us to share the provision, greatness and blessings of our sovereign God. Because, for those who love Him,  He is working all those things out for our good, they are being transformed in the dark rooms of life. And that truly is beautiful photography.

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Ian Sane said...

Very good read, Gina. Thank you for including my picture on your blog. I am honored.