Friday, July 25, 2008

Random thoughts on God's Will

This study on Proverbs is really challenging me to seek God's will on many issues in my life right now. I also see and hear how it is challenging some of the ladies in the study to really take a deeper look into what they have always thought about knowing "God's Will". I love it. It is very rewarding to see people walk away with something they can use in their everyday life. Thank the Lord for Words that don't expire, or become irrelavant after being read once.

In our house God's Will is a big deal. We are constantly finding out how much we haven't figured out about parenting! We are asking God to show us how to raise these little people. Verses that never popped out to me now jump off the page. I've recently made a career change and that has again, been a test of following God or doing what I felt was the right thing to do. One thing I guess I discovered was that just because you "feel" like you are helping or doing the right thing that if you are seeking Him and He shows you otherwise...the best thing to do is listen to HIM! Bruce is looking into hiring a secretary...need God's will for that...The church is hiring a children's minister...need God's will for that. The church is growing...moving...good things...but so much wisdom is needed in order for us to stay centered in God's will. I love it that His Will comes from His heart and that when I am seeking His Will I am closer to His heart. He is awesome!
If you are struggling to understand, find or determine God's Will for your life, get in the Words of God (Bible) and listen as He whispers it to you! I look forward to hearinng about what He has to tell you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Skunk Always Wins!

Saturday night at 11pm I let Annie, our dog, out to go to the bathroom. Things have never been the same. She routinely takes these midnight runs and I have never been sure just what she gallivants around the neighborhood doing. Now I have a much better idea!

About 15 minutes after Annie went outside, I heard a bit of a ruckus outside the back door. I turned on the lights for the backyard and noticed Annie in the yard, repeatedly wiping her paws over her eyes. I opened the door and immediately smelled the reason she was acting so frantically. She'd been skunked! Somewhere very close to home, a skunk had obviously gotten fed up with her, and sprayed their unforgivable smell all over our Wheaten Terrier.

At first this was a little comical. I went to the computer and "googled" "what to do when your dog gets sprayed by a skunk" and quickly realized this problem was going to be harder to solved than I first thought. I read several posts where dog owners shared their experiences, similar to my own, and noted the solution was tomato juice.

Being that small town living doesn't render itself to late night markets and grocery stores, I knew it would be Sunday before I could do anything about Annie. So, we put her kennel outside, and put her in it!

Sunday afternoon, I purchases 6 large bottles of tomato juice and washed Annie 3 times consecutively to take care of the problem. Hopeful, I let Annie air dry, I came in and took a shower and soaked in the hot tub and rejoiced that I had accomplished the daunting tasked of washing the skunked dog.

About an hour after washing, Annie was dry. I was still smelling a little skunky myself, from washing her, but decided it was time to see if the tomato juice had worked. Bruce had taken the kids to the store so I let Annie in the house and waited for them to arrive home and congratulate me for curing the dog of her horrific smell.

Bruce arrived home with the kids. Annie greeted them at the door. Bruce's first words...."That dog still reeks!" Needless to say, I guess because I had been around her for so long, I didn't smell her funk. Hmmmm.....

Isn't there some sort of Biblical application????

Do I even have to tell you that I have put the dog back outside? I'm getting the skunk-be-gone shampoo this afternoon and will attempt to de-skunk her again! Someone has suggested dipping her in febreeze...hmmm.....

I'll keep you posted!

Yep...we're talking about it!

Drunkenness, Illusions, Greed and Pride....the topics we will be tackling this week in our study of Proverbs. The Bible has tons to say about these issues that we still struggle with many years since Solomon wrote these words!

Most issues that we struggle with in the Christian life can be traced back to one of these four sins. Think about the issues you struggle with....can you think how one of these 4 sins has played a part in your struggle? I can!

This is going to be a great week! I hope you will make plans to be there!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Real Relationship Expert

Oprah, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy....will the real relationship expert please stand. Yet no one really qualifies to stand. The world is offering us many tempting (and some not so) alternatives to getting the advice, counsel and wisdom we need in the relationships we are involved in. It doesn't matter how much good sense, training, natural smarts or good looks....nothing in the world compares to the relationship advice God provides in His Word. Proverbs in plum full of all the wisdom we could ever even begin practicing....but as daunting as it may be, our job is to dig deep and discover what it says about every area of our lives.

That being said (written) I don't want it to ever seem like I don't think God uses mankind to share wisdom with those of us who need help on a regular basis. I am thankful for the people who have spoken loudly into my life during times of confusion, questioning and searching. I feel very blessed to know many wise women who have taken the time to encourage me over the years. I remember one outstanding Sunday School teacher I had from the 4-6th grade. Her name was Nell Cook. She made an unbelievable imprint on my life. I remember vividly lessons on modesty and discretion. She was (is) a woman who took time to invest in an awkward....(very) young girl and helped to encourage me to walk and talk with God.

We have a responsibility to share what we know about God with others. BUT....our opinion should never speak louder than the guidance provided in God's Holy Word! Take time to identify someone who has spoken life into your life by offering wisdom from God and His Word. Maybe take time to write a note or send an email and let them know how thankful you are for what they have done.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Being Intentional in our relationships

Last night at Bible study we talked about relationships....with husbands, friends, children, enemies and nieghbors. WOW! It's amazing that God knew years ago about the things that we would struggle with and deal with today!

Today's activity: search the scriptures for 3 examples of positive relationships. Some that come to mind for me are Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathon, Timothy and Paul....use them if you have trouble thinking of others. Relect and record qualities that made these relationships work. Then find the scriptures in Proverbs that reiterate their positive relationship qualities.

In other news....our trip to Beaumont last week for Lacey and Philip's wedding went well. I had reservations and concerns (most centering around Tucker's crazy sleep patterns and behavior :)
He was great and only at the end of the wedding started really talking where you could hear him. Of course his singing "Shake, Shake your booty" during the ending prayer was just about enough to send me over the edge in hysterical laughter....but other than was quite uneventful on the behavioral front. We were blessed to see Keven and Katherine, our ministry friends from SE Texas and Bruce had the opportunity to preach Sunday in Houston at "grandpa" bill's church. It was also good to see lots of our old friends at Grace Community.

BUT! There's no place like home....I realized on this trip how much I am really settling in and making Gunter my new home. It's only 21 months into this joyful ride and I am hoping for many more months and years to share this life in Gunter.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Well, if anybody from Bible Study is still reading this blog after Tuesday lesson on will be a miracle! I know the lesson was hard to swallow....I was preaching to myself...I know! I would have liked to have left out about half of what I shared so I would feel better about my present condition...but that would have been devastatingly wrong. So you got it all...the good, bad and ugly!
The lesson next Tuesday night is going to be about, friends and neighbors. So, your first assignment....make a list using 3 columns and list the names of the people who will fall into each of these categories. This way you will know exactly who it is we are relating to. Why not take a few moments to say a prayer for each group. I don't think they would mind. We will be looking at husbands, wives, children, parents, friends, enemies, neighbors....
Have a great 4Th of July. We are heading out of town for Lacey and Philips wedding back in Beaumont. Savannah is the flower girl and Bruce is performing the ceremony. I will be away from the blog until Sunday evening! See you then!