Monday, October 14, 2013

Day #14 Beautiful Surprises

In 2012 I turned 40. Some of my friends from church threw me the surprise party of a lifetime---Complete with wheel chair, old lady costumes, pasta and canned good donations for our food pantry. It was a beautiful surprise. I probably have never laughed so hard in my life.

In 2002 I was surprised with a positive pregnancy test after being told there was no way I would ever get and stay pregnant. You can imagine our surprise again, when baby Savannah arrived three months early.

Again in 2005 after taking three pregnancy tests I finally realized God was surprising us again with baby #2 and although it took a lot of careful care, this one didn't surprise us at all. After a very planned C-section, Tucker arrived right on time.

I remember being surprised as a child when I spent the weekend with a friend and came home to a brand new bedroom re-do. It was so pretty and I was so excited about my newly painted refurbished furniture and sweet girly bedspread.

I also remember getting an urgent phone call that my dad was on life support at age 45. I can't even tell you how surprised I was when he passed away 45 hours later.

Surprises happen. Good ones and bad ones. You don't know to you don't. You can't plan how you're going to react...because you don't know!

But with God, there are no surprises...and that is what is so beautiful.

He isn't surprised by your life or your death.

He isn't surprised by your health or your wealth.

He isn't surprised by you children or your parents.

He isn't surprised by war or peace.

He isn't surprised by your 40th birthday....or your 60th.

He isn't surprised by government shutdowns, Obama Care or Social Security debacle.

He knows about it all. Everything. Every.Single.Thing.

He's knows...and He's got it under control. It's in His hands.

And that's beautiful.

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