Friday, September 27, 2013

Coming in October....All 31 Days!!!

I'm joining up with The Nester's blog challenge to blog for 31 days on one topic. So for the entire month of October I'll be blogging everyday....yes...every. single. day. SHHH....I can hear some of you laughing already!

I know...some of you are unsubscribing now....and others of you are wondering what topic I could possibly have enough information to blog about for an entire month. I know....I've been thinking that same thing....and wondering if I should unsubscribe too. So I decided to pick a very broad topic for this challenge. That way...if you don't like it one will probably be completely different next 24 hours later.

So....what will I be blogging about??????

Here ya go:

That's right....beautiful things....porches and books and hairstyles and quilts and recipes and antiques and people and decor and music and faith....and much much 31 days worth!

I hope you'll follow along! Seriously...hit the follow button over there on the right so you don't miss one single episode of this beauty. And if you have your own blog...why not think about joining us! It'll be fun...amusing...entertaining...uplifting...Convinced yet?

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