Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day #26 Beautiful Body

Last night I watched our church serve our community. It was beautiful. It's happened before but this time I was paying better attention. There were carnival games, face painting, bounce houses, a dunking booth, barrel train, cotton candy, popcorn, snowcones, hot dogs, grilled bananas, tea, lemonade and hot chocolate and more...much more.

There were smiling faces and serving hands and encouraging words. There was laughter and hugging and conversation. There was community and love and concern. There was a body of believers giving to their city a taste of more than a hotdog....more than a grilled banana....more than sweet treats. They were giving them a taste of what it means to give and love and care. A taste of what it means to be part of the body...doing what you were designed to serve using your particular ability. To enjoy the company of your brothers and sisters in Christ and to give without receiving anything in return...except maybe the priceless joy of those receiving the gift.

And hundreds of people enjoyed a night of fun and giving..thanks to the beautiful body of Christ. What a blessing to watch it all unfold. And how thankful I am that we have a reason to share and give and love. Jesus....the reason for every season and every day.

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