Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day #22 Beautiful Gratitude

If I was asked to name one thing I have changed in my life for the better over the last 5 years I would not have to give it a single second thought. Gratitude. I am more thankful. And not just for the good stuff...but I'm learning to be thankful for the bad times...and that's kind of the beautiful thing isn't it.

God's Word...specifically the Psalms...command us to praise the Lord....for who He is...what He's done...This should be every Christian's mission...and it will be our eternal destiny. And that will be a beautiful eternity of gratitude.

In 2008, here on this blog, I took a challenge to record things I was thankful for during the week of Thanksgiving. I listed 20... you can take a look HERE

Over the next five years I have continued the tradition (actually expanding it to a whole month) and here's why:

1. Gratitude produces humility. I thank God and others and in the process realize how weak, needy and blessed that I am. I acknowledge my gratitude to God by giving me wonderful gifts that enrich my life.

2. Gratitude puts things into perspective. After a rough day, week or year...thinking back to the goodness of God on my life, gives me a clearer picture of just how good God is to me. That these trials will pass and that He has my good in mind. His sovereignty glows in history.

3. Gratitude is part of prayer...giving thanks for things/people/answered prayer... puts the glory back to God. Where it belongs. When the kids are well behaved...glory to God, when someone is saved at church...glory to God, when my family gets to go someplace special...glory to God. These aren't coincidences that God allows to happen...no matter how trivial...these are details worked out by the hand of the Lord. The glory, thanks and gratitude belongs to Him.

4. Gratitude helps me give honor where honor is due...sometimes I forget to say thanks, forget to acknowledge something kind someone has done for me...taking the time to get my gratitude on gives me time to think about all those special people in my life. And I don't know anyone who doesn't like to be thanked.

5. Gratitude makes me feel better. And I know it shouldn't be about how it makes me feel. But, I'm gonna be honest, thinking positively about life does help me feel better. It's part of that ..whatsoever things are pure, honest, good report....those are the things you are to think about. Yep...there's a reason for that!

So a little while back I started posting on Thursdays, on Facebook my list of gratitudes and others started posting theirs...and I can't tell you how much it has encouraged me to see God doing such amazing things in the lives of people. I don't want to keep it a secret! He is good and even in my lowest times, I am amazed at how He showers me with things to be grateful for.

Join me this November as we daily give thanks on Facebook....I can't wait to see and hear about God's goodness in your life! You can follow me HERE or just list your own thanks anyway you can...in a notebook, on your blog, twitter or your own facebook page.

PS...if you go over to the column over on the right ...the arch
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