Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day #31 Beautiful Month

So...we made it. least one of us did....I've managed to successfully blog about all the beautiful things in my life for 31 consecutive days...and I survived.

I learned a few things along the way and I thought that might be a good way to wrap up the month. So here goes...

1. Blogging about one matter how broad...for 31 days is hard. It's a commitment and planning and scheduling and spell checking...and making that commitment should come with a 48 hour chance to back out.

2. Blogging takes a lot of time. I wanted to be sure that what I was writing was worth reading...and since I second guess what I write most of the time took longer to publish a day's article. What you saw was sometimes second, third and even fourth drafts. Gracious....that's a lot of time!

3. Blogging about beautiful things helped me to realize how truly beautiful my life is. It's not so much the stuff or even the people or the things that have happened, but the grace and the love that God has blessed my life with. It truly has made me pay attention to the beauty all around me. And by beauty I'm not talking pretty. Sometimes the most beautiful things are found in the most unlikely places.

4. I realized that people actually read my blog. I watched all month long on my stats page to see which articles people were reading the most. It was interesting to see Beautiful Homes and Beautiful Loved Ones getting the most hits....and since that was largely about having a Christ-like home and loving the special people God places in your life...this made me pretty happy.

5. And lastly I learned that even when I feel weak and inadequate to do something that seems so trivial in the grand scheme of life, that God can use those words to meet someone where they are at, encourage them and bless them. He's so good.

So, it's been a beautiful month...and now we're heading into my fifth year of giving thanks each day in November. I'm excited and hope you'll join, privately or publicly in giving thanks to the only one truly worthy...the maker of all things beautiful in His time, Jesus.

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