Friday, October 18, 2013

Day #18 Beautiful Keys

At eleven years of age my mom enrolled me in piano lessons. I'm not sure if it was my incredible ability to play "Heart and Soul" or if it was her dream of personally playing the piano, that prompted this move but after school on Thursday afternoons, my brother, sister and I would walk to the piano teachers home just down the street from our school.

And what I learned over the next seven years has been invaluable to me over the years. By age thirteen I was playing in church and through college it paid the way for me to go tuition free. And as a church musician I have been playing in some sort of capacity for nearly 20 years. 

I tried to pick up other instruments. After a month of violin lessons, Bruce begged me to quit. I agree it was absolutely awful. I also tried the guitar---didn't work out. So, I finally gave up and just embraced the keys for all it was worth. I don't play by ear, my theory knowledge lacks, and I didn't learn to play by a chord sheet until my thirties...but one thing is for sure...all those hours of practicing, and God's orchestration have allowed for many years of piano playing. Sometimes God gives you an be developed. Sometimes it takes work. Sometimes patience. I'm thankful for a determined mother who ordered at least 30 minutes a day tickling the ivories. I'm thankful for some of the best teachers in the world pushing me...sometimes to work hard...harder and even harder. And I'm thankful most of all for the years God has allowed me to do this for His glory..for the joy it brings Him, others and even myself.

God's good that way. He allows us to worship Him in so many different ways. When we use our gifts, talents, ability to honor Him, it's worship. We are giving back some of what He's given to us. It's an offering of sorts. 

And over the years, I've listened to many great pianist. Here are a few of my favorites...some inspiration to play on...

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