Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day #17 Beautiful Promises

No earthly promise is as beautiful  to me as the vows I exchanged with Bruce 20 years ago. The day, the moment...etched in my mind and my heart forever. 

The next most important and beautiful promise I made in my life was when my kids were dedicated back to the Lord. I promised to do my part in training them up to love the Lord...heart, mind and soul.

Recently I was at a meeting with Bruce and the speaker spoke on "ministry vows". These promises that we made or maybe needed to make in ministry. I'm reposting them here so maybe if you're in the ministry, serve as a teacher or helper in a class at your church...or are a minister in any might glean something from them. I know they have helped me to renew my own vows to serve God faithfully with my life. 

1. I promise to depend on God alone to provide for all my needs.

2. I promise to remind myself daily that I cannot accomplish my calling without the Holy Spirit.

3. I promise not to seek significance or approval in what others think about me.

4. I promise never to convince myself that I am indispensable.

5. I promise not to isolate myself in sin, sorrow or success.

6. I promise to be a man/woman of God...not a whiny, little baby.

7. I promise to be myself, not some version of someone I wish I was.

8. I promise to never stop saying "Yes" to new ministry opportunities.

9. I promise to walk with the Lord...not run.

10. I promise to prioritize renewal in my weekly and yearly schedules.

(From Pastor Max Kennedy)

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