Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marathon Shopping Lessons

Yesterday Bruce and I escaped to do a marathon shopping trip in and around Dallas. 15 hours later we landed back home. Here are a few things I learned while away:

1. There are still nice, helpful and even over accommodating sales people out there. The elderly lady in the jewelry department at Macy's at Firewheel is the bomb.

2. Burger King is no longer selling their cheesy tots....this saddens me.

3. Some people feel that it is perfectly acceptable to parade through previously mentioned mall in their workout clothes. Respectfully might I submit that some people should not.

4. Wrapping paper is expensive.

5. When Bruce is ready to leave a store he stalks me. You know how it is....husband is ready to go so he follows close behind you and will like everything you show him if it means you are headed to the register to pay.

6. It's ok to pipe music in over loud speakers that has Jesus' name in it during this time of the year.

7. Garden Ridge Pottery is not just for pottery. Where else can you go pick out a Christmas tree, long underwear, luggage, movies, mattresses and pottery?

8. We need a GPS.

9. Cyber Monday is a great day to go shopping....no one is at the stores!

10. There is never enough time when it comes to shopping.

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