Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5 of 25 Days of Thanks

Peace. The word alone makes me feel more calm. I am thankful for peace in the midst of stressful situations - which include but are not limited to going to the Dr, dentist, Walmart and driving through Dallas!

Growing up, my mom reserved one hour a day for us kids to spend alone in our rooms. As a kid I never understood this concept....but boy, do I get it now! After lunch we would head to our rooms for quiet time and she would spend an hour doing something peaceful. I remember her crocheting, listening to "soft hits" on the radio and resting during this time. She quieted herself and our home for a brief hour so that we could all experience the peace that comes from getting quiet.

These days I find myself practicing my own version of one hour peace. After lunch the kids and I set aside some quiet time. I prop my feet up, close my eyes for a moment and rest. They read, color, or play alone quietly. I can't tell you what it does for us except that the fighting factor is down and the blood curling screams have diminished drastically.

Sometimes I find it hard to settle my mind the same way I settle my body. Know what I mean? It can take me half an hour to get settled mentally yet, my feet have been propped up for 30 minutes. I'm learning to realize this unsettledness in me is an opportunity to experience peace. While all the elements are in order for me to enjoy quietness it takes surrendering my concerns, worry, helplessness and pride and embracing PEACE. The PEACE that was left to me by Christ through the Holy Spirit. If you've ever experienced that then you know it's worth the surrender.

There have been plenty of more serious times when I've experienced God's peace in my life. Surrendering my future to the Lord at age 14 was the first time I can remember feeling an undeniable sense of peace, then when I went 1000 miles away from home for college, when I was 18 and my dad passed away, years of waiting to have children, being a pastor's wife for 14 years, birth of my kids, taking care of my mil while she fought cancer, homeschooling, employment and much much more. In fact, I can't even think about one year of my life that HIS peace hasn't been present in a huge way!

So whether you're experiencing a mountaintop experience or a valley view....God's peace is there for the taking....He's left it for us....embrace it today. You'll be thankful!
Thank you for your peace that passes all understanding!

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