Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 of 25 Days of Thanks

The power of prayer...I feel like I should stand up and give an old fashion-jump up and shout-gospel church testifying testimony about the prayers God has answered this past year. The yes's, no's and even the not now-wait-answers have all been very clear....when I've been quiet enough to listen. Ouch! That is such a key element to prayer....the getting quiet, shutting up, closing the mouth, settling my mind, opening my ears and hearing what HE has to say.

From the sell of our house....which ended up being a big waiting game and was terribly uncomfortable - to the undeniable green light to quit my work from home job that I loved - to the distinct NO regarding some financial decisions we faced.....God's answered our prayers for wisdom, patience, guidance.

I think sometimes I get in the mindset that because God doesn't answer something the way I want Him to that He's not answering...boy is that wrong thinkin'. He's got my best interest in mind. He wants to bless me. He wants me to trust Him with my future...every second of His way is ALWAYS best...wether it's the way I see things or not.

All that being said....I'm praying especially for the Baier family in our church during the next 24 hours. Please join me as Bryan (husband, 30yo) has super serious surgery on Wed. morning. He has a wife, 2 girls and a baby boy on the way.

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