Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 23 of 25 Days of Thanks

Siblings....gotta love 'em. With a brother and a sister I have plenty of stories of passing the buck, the blame and the peanuts. Being the oldest I can now say, years later albeit, that yes, sometimes the oldest does think of it, the middle child does it and the youngest does get blamed for it....and sometimes the plan works...and sometimes it doesn't! 

I'm thankful for my brother, Andy. He's strong, perseveres, smart, loving, a good daddy, a godly husband and an incredible musician. He's been a help to those who couldn't help themselves and he loves his family. I am so glad God gave us each other!

My sister Amy has one of the most generous hearts ever. Just yesterday she sent me flowers for my Thanksgiving table and recently randomly sent my kids care packages...which of course they thought was the coolest thing ever! She's a survivor, resiliant, hardworking, a great cook, strong-willed. From the time we were little she called us "best buddies"...which I loved. When my kids now call each other that it reminds me of great memories with her.

In the last 5 years I've gained a sister in law, Jan, who became a mommy last Christmas Day. She is a wonderful helper to Andy. She makes the best pimento cheese ever and writes beautiful devotions on her blog. She's the perfect wife for my brother and I am so glad God planned for her to join our family.

Bruce's sister, Debbie, hated me the first time we met. She ran out the back door. Now over 17 years later, we're good friends. It might have something to do with the fact that I've birthed her two favorite people into the world but whatever....I'll take what I can get:) I'm thankful for her help, her newly developed bargain shopping skills and the way she helps with Bruce's parents. 

Last year, God added Jennie, Nate, Charlie and Stacie to my sibling group. When mom married Pop, I gained a wonderfully fun group of siblings. The miles separate us but every time I go home we get to see each other. The laughter rolls as we gather around the table. I'm looking forward to many years getting to know them better. I'm thankful for that our parents met and that God planned all along for us to know each other. I'm glad God doubled the family!

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