Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Preschoolers

Dear Preschool Class,

Tomorrow Ms. Gina will be gone. Don't worry. I am not sick. I am not tired. You see, sometimes life calls for a little adventure. Usually Ms. Gina's adventure begins around 11pm Thanksgiving evening and ends around 6pm the day after Thanksgiving. This year, however, I could not go on my adventure. So, as the calendar would have it and the preschool rules allow it, I am skipping school to bask in the bliss of retail therapy. A teacher has to do what a teacher has to do....and so I must go on this adventure.

You will not be far from my thoughts....when I see big puffy skirts...I will think of you. When I need to go to have a morning snack I will think of you. When I see silly bands....I will think of you. When I see Texas Tech paraphernalia I will think of you. When I run in a store instead of walk....I will think of you. When I hear Christmas music...I will think of you.

So....I will hope that you will think of me too....and remember our classroom rules for the sub, and help her...and use your inside voices....and sit still and quiet during L and L time (Listen and Learn)....and be kind to each other...and "get what you get and don't throw a fit".

And when I return to class on Tuesday....after a long marathon shopping day I hope to hear of a sparkling report as to how my angelic class made it through their first day without me. Come on class! You can do it!

Ms. Gina

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Jansen Family said...

Oooh! Have fun shopping! And don't worry--those cute little preschoolers will still be there tomorrow!