Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 8 of 25 Days of Thanks

11 children enter the door of my preschool classroom everyday. Each one of them is unique, special, energetic, beautiful, creative and talkative. Yes...I said class chatters like they will go mute by noon.  Since I have them from 8:30 to 11:30am this presents a problem for them sometimes!!!

I'm thankful for this job. I originally only planned on working 2 days a week...teaching three year olds, then I moved to taking a PreK 3 day a week class, and then at the last minute took the 5 Day PreK class. Most days I feel ill equipped to handle the challenges that come my way....don't get me wrong...I am perfectly capable of teaching reading, writing, numbers and colors. But factor in making sure they know that they are loved by God, unbelievably valued and special...and it gets a little daunting. Some of you might think I take this too seriously, but these are kids and families that I KNOW God has placed in my class and He has a special purpose for these special 11 munchkins that only time will reveal.

I'm thankful for the challenges they present, the diet cokes they bring me, the art pictures they draw to hang on my file cabinet, the things they bring to share with the class, their humor, their quirkiness, their parents and most of all their innocence. I pray that each week I come in teach the basics with my curriculum and my life.

Thank you God for my class!

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