Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7 of 25 Days of Thanks

Pastors have hard jobs. When I think back to the years Bruce was a senior pastor I KNOW there were hard things he had to do and difficult decisions that he had to make. I think I am even more appreciative of the role now that we aren't in it...because we see the difference.

I'm thankful for a pastor who preaches the Word of God. He's not out there taking requests for things to preach about, or using his position to scold people. He just preaches...the Word of God. He comes to church prepared and ready to speak the words God has laid on his heart. He speaks with confidence, not pride. He is ready with an answer and willing to talk things through so the congregation better understands God's Word. He is a witness in the community. He cares about people. You can't go anywhere that people don't know who he is....and it's not because he's popular....but because he's invested a couple of decades in the community. He visits people....the sick, the elderly, the downhearted, the discouraged, the hospitalized. He works as hard or harder than anyone I know. He's at the church late some nights, visits during his lunch hour, makes appointments for after hours when people will be home to visit. He is one busy man....who loves God and people..and it oozes from him.

I've seen his heart break over wayward Christians, the sickness of a church member and lots of things I couldn't begin to explain. He is human....just like me and you...and he's gonna fail me...just like your pastor will fail you....but He is God's man for our church for this time. Imagine that...this is the man God picked out to lead this group of believers in our community...leading us closer to Christ, our community and one another. He deserves my prayers and support....along the way a word of thanks. Today I am thankful for him, for his supportive wife who has worked along side him and for his faithfulness to God and to God's people. I'm thankful that my family gets to serve with such an example of service and dedication. Thanks Pastor!

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Big Fat Mama said...

Pastors are so important and I often think they can't possibly know how much they impact people! You're right - it's so important to be thankful for those that God has designed to be pastors!!
Big Fat Mama