Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White Stuff

Snow days are few and far between here in East Texas. If you're a Yankee and are reading this then you have probably laughed your head off at all the nonsense and bad driving and school closures and stores running out of eggs, bread and milk. But...who cares! I don't know a student, teacher, employee or government official that doesn't like a good ol' snow day! We had a blast together and I am reminded again of all the special things I love about my family....a son who doesn't really understand when I say "get something over your ears to protect them from the cold" (thus the cowboys helmet), a daughter who loves to watch movies with mom 'til midnight and a hubby who will venture out for sobe, chips, bread, candy bars....and diet coke. It was fun while it lasted...who knows...maybe we will see more! (OK...a gal can hope can't she?)

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