Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I tell my students all the time, "If you don't listen, I can't teach you". And most of the time, I get their attention for 2 minutes before I have to repeat myself....after all...they are 4 years old. Learning to be a good listener is tough work for them. It's a skill that none of them have mastered....and on some days you might wonder if they are ever quiet. Seems they always have something to say...and it's important...can't wait kind of information.

The thing is, recently I realized how similar I act in regards to listening to God. I can almost hear Him say to me, "If you don't listen, I can't teach you". And yes....it does seem like I have a lot to say to Him and it's important....can't wait kind of information (just like my pre-K-ers). It's pitiful.

I heard someone say that God is a gentlemen. Gentlemen don't yell, become impatient, raise their voice, throw temper tantrums or anything else that deems them less than gentle. And yes....that's a perfect description of God. He's patiently waiting for me to finish my lists of questions, requests, burdens, praises and what nots. He's wanting to teach me something but will wait until I'm ready to listen. But in the meantime, what am I missing because I'm too busy talking.

Sometimes in my class I wait for the class to get quiet, sometimes I make a motion for those listening to come get candy out of the cabinet, sometimes I do a hand signal so they know it's time to zippy the lippy.   And sometimes when enough of them are listening, I go on with the lesson...in a quiet voice. And what happens most of the time is nothing short of a miracle. Those talking realize life is going on and that they need to be paying attention and they join the rest of the group.

I'm not saying I understand or know all of God's MO's...but what I do know is that His quiet voice can get my attention when I am willing to listen. He desires to mold me, to create something beautiful, to encourage me, to love me and most of all to teach me His ways. Life is passing by each day....today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday....and unless we embrace and listen and learn, moments will turn to days and days into weeks of hearing my own voice rattling the rafters....while God's voice...the teaching voice, gets drowned out in a sea of words that, quite honestly, just sound like a room full of chatty 4 year olds all wanting to be heard at the same time.

Lord help to me to listen...

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