Saturday, January 15, 2011

Valentine Tree

As promised to my kids....and written on my blog...I am keeping my word to leave my front room Christmas tree up all year long. We are going to decorate it for each holiday. So, with Valentines Day being next on the calendar, I hit up Hobby Lobby last night for a few little goodies for our Valentine Tree.

It's kind of hard to tell in the photo of the tree, but there is a cross that tops the tree. When I went to remove it to put it with the Christmas decorations, Savannah said, "We should leave it because Jesus is the one who loves us the most." So, we left it....what a wonderful reminder in the middle of such a simple day, to remember ...He does love us the, when I look at the top, I will always be reminded!


Kathy said...

What a beautiful tree! Looking back, I think you're going to be very satisfied with the fun you will have had decorating your seasonal tree. (Are you doing it Monthly...I don't recall).

By the way, I've been meaning to mention that I love your new look on your blog! Nice makeover!! : )

Gina Stinson said...


I am going to change the tree at Easter, Memorial Day (for the, white and blue), Fall and then back to Christmas.

Thanks for the compliment on the blog....I'm in somewhat of a bird phase right now!

Jan said...

Beautiful tree!!

Jaime said...

One word: fabulous!