Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 of 24 Days of Thanks

Prayer....a lot has been said about it in the Bible, by scholars and demonstrated by struggling math students in classrooms across the world through the years. There have been songs sung, poems written, quippy quotes quoted....seems like if there is one thing in the Christian life most religions can agree on, it's the power of prayer.

I'm not sure how it all works..except that I know Jesus is interceding to the Father for me. That fact astounds me. To think that in East Texas a girl can pray and that prayer goes to Jesus Christ...the very Savior of this World...and then He takes that request to God the Father....WOW! That is a humbling fact.

I also know there are no unanswered prayers. There was a country song many years ago that alluded to the fact that maybe there were, but alas...I disagree. God always answers our prayers. In perfect time, He gives us a "go", "stop" or "wait". I love hearing "Go" because that means I got my way....and who doesn't love that? But "Stop" and "Wait" are rarely received as such gifts. However, I recently read about someone who looked at God's "stop" and "wait" as a message from God that something better, safer, more desirable was ahead...so, don't "go" or you will be settling for second best...not God's best. That description sounded a while lot more palatable (not that it is necessary) for me and more like the loving God that I know.

I am also very encouraged when I see God answer the prayers of someone who has been faithful to pray for some one or some thing for years. In my own life I have struggled with long-term prayer commitment- The kind that God waits years and years to answer. Recently a friend of mine had an exciting long-term prayer request answered and I was so excited for her....not only for her prayer to be answered, but also for her faithfulness to have been rewarded. What a faithfulness to God's timing and His omniscience. Make me more faithful, Lord.

Thank you Lord for answered prayer...for the "go" "stop" and "wait".

What are you thankful for today?

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