Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 18 of 24 Days of Thanks

Wisdom...something I need everyday. EVERY. DAY. I'm thankful for the opportunity to come before the Lord every day and ask for it...and for the guarantee that He will give it to me if I ask in faith. What a promise! In every season of my life I am reminded of how incompetent and empty my own wisdom is. Yet, God does not leave us helpless or hopeless, He gives us His Word and His Spirit to help us along this journey of life. I need it everyday...not just for the big decisions but for every decision. Not just for the important stuff...but for all the stuff. Not just when I'm down and out...but for every single moment. I'm thankful His wisdom never runs dry, that I can go daily to Him for my portion of guidance. He's the counselor I can't live without.

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