Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 14 of 24 Days of Thanks


1. Going to the ATL Braves games with my dad when I was little.
2. My mom making dozens and dozens of muffins for our neighbors at the holidays
3. My sister telling me everything I was getting for my 13th birthday on my birthday eve.
4. Kickball in the backyard with all the neighborhood kids.
5. College friends
6. Remodeling a 100 year old farmhouse
7. Beautiful people who have gone home to Jesus before I was ready to see them go
8. Old Friends...and new
9. James Bible Study
10. Savannah's baptism

Today I'm thankful God allows us to enjoy sweet memories of the past. The times shared with people, doing things that we enjoy helps us get through the tough times. Memories help motivate us to move forward....knowing there are new memories to make all the times. I'm thankful God has given us this opportunity to recall the good, pleasant and fun memories instead of only the unpleasant. He's been so good to us!

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