Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 of 24 Days of Thanks

I'm digressing here just for today....but truly...there's no way most people could possibly understand my love for Pizza Hut. It's been like this since.....forever. And recently when our local chain decided to get their act together and provide really great service, it just motivated me to visit them more often! 

But my reasons for liking Pizza Hut go beyond their service or their deep dish. The thing is that most of the time when I'm there eating a pizza pie, I'm there with friends and family. The fellowship is better than the pizza, the conversation more lively than the game that's usually on the flat screen and the hilarity that usually explodes is funnier than any sitcom on the TV. We usually gather after church or for a GNO or a birthday and the buzz can be about anything from church to kids to sports. There have even been more serious topics discussed -like a friend who whispered her pregnancy secret, tears shed over an impending departure and even just plain old life getting the best of us. 

The thing is....maybe it's not really Pizza Hut that I love so much (although I do). Maybe it's what happens at Pizza Hut...the friendships, the fellowship, the laughter, the family. Either way...I'm thankful!

What are you thankful for today?

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Jaime said... depends on what game is on and whether or not they can switch the channel :)