Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 12 of 24 Days of Thanks

Trials...I can't say that I've been grateful for them until recently...and even then...on some my flesh, I am not. But today I can see how the trials of the last year are building my faith in Jesus...and isn't He what it really is all about anyway? A friend and I texted each other almost daily for a month with a phrase..."Less is More". During one of the most difficult trials I have ever gone through this little phrase reminded me daily that it's during those difficult times that I have to depend on Jesus more...and less on myself, my desires, my selfishness, hopes and dreams. Unless those things are fully grounded in Christ...I need less of them and more of Him. Trials have a way of exposing all our weaknesses. I found out many things about myself and how God's grace is maturing me...I surely haven't arrived yet!!

As I look back at the last year...I realize that my faith has grown by leaps and bounds. Those trials God allowed have strengthened my roots in Him. I trust that He knows my breaking point and will deliver me when His time is perfect. He's proven that over and over to me. My job is to endure....I don't have the responsibility or the omniscience to do anything before He says. Thank you Lord that you are interested and invested in our relationship!

What are you thankful for today?

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