Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 of 24 Days of Thanks

This Sunday morning I'm thankful for bus ministries. The bus ministry of one local church helped to change the course of one woman's life over 40 years ago. That woman was my mother.

My mom was raised in a home where there was chaos. A bus ride to church, a couple of hours in air conditioned rooms, a loving Sunday School teacher and the story of Jesus helped her see life from a different perspective. This perspective eventually became her perspective when she accepted Christ and began her walk with Him. I'm thankful that someone cared enough to get up early on Sunday mornings and drive a bus down the dusty Patch Road in Orlando, Fl and take my mom to church. I'm sure the job was no more glamorous than it is today. But it changed a life. Because my mom was taken to church, she met my father. They dated and were married 5 months after high school graduation. Because of their shared faith in Christ they raised their family to love the Lord. And now, I'm raising my kids to know the Lord. And hopefully the dominoes will continue to fall in that direction for generations and generations.

So, remember whatever ministry you are called to do...bus, nursery, children's,'s important! It could be the tool that God uses to bring a soul to Jesus. It could be the tool that changes the course of a family!

What are you thankful for today?

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