Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 23 of 26 Days of Thanks

Today I am thankful for the wonderful preschool Tucker (son, age almost 4) attends. Kids Central is a place that I know Tucker is safe, cared for, loved and taught the same values and morals that Bruce and I teach him at home. For three hours, twice a week, he makes crafts, learns numbers and letters, nursery rhymes, Bible verses and songs in an environment that is monitored and directed by the most beautiful servant teachers I have ever met in my life. EVER.

Tucker's teacher is an encourager. When I talk to her I don't worry about whether or not she cares about T-man. It oozes out of her. She's concerned for him, his wellbeing, his education and even whether or not he's having fun.

Thanks to CBC for supporting the ministry of Kids Central. Thanks to Terri for having a huge heart for the children that cross the threshold of the preschool wing Monday thru Friday. Thanks to the teachers who genuinely love and care for their students.

It helps this mom feel good about sending Tucker to school.

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Heart2Heart said...


Truly to have schools that really take an active approach in making our kids not only better students but better people later in life is truly a blessing.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat