Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Twelve Weeks of Christmas This week's entry for The 12 Week's of Christmas over at Keelie's blog is about shopping. After LAST YEAR'S SHOPPING ADVENTURE I have to wonder what this year will be like. I was so excited when I found out the church office would be closed on Black Friday because Bruce and I love shopping together on this day.

A few things I like about shopping on Black Friday:

1. The energy you feel shopping with all the other crazies!
2. The Christmas music filling the air.
3. Early Bird Specials
4. Fighting for  sharing shopping carts.
5. Looking for the perfect gift
6. Choosing coordinating wrapping papers for all my gifts
7. Drinking coffee/hot chocolate/ diet coke/energy drinks...whatever it takes to stay awake
8. Saying "Merry Christmas" to every cashier
9. Picking out a few new ornaments for our trees
10. Spending time with Bruce


Kathy said...

Great reasons. I love sleep, so I really don't do Black Friday....but just might this year!!!! : )

Maureen said...

We don't have Black Friday sales here in Canada. I feel cheated wrt the bargains and excitement, but don't need the crowds and insanity! It's great that it's a date for you.

Happy bargain hunting!

Jenny said...

I'm always afraid of trying to shop on that day. One year I actually tried going to Joanne fabrics and it was ugly I left my full cart and went home, curled up in the fetal positition until my husband brought me chocolate and that was it! You are a courageous, courageous woman!