Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 14 of 26 Days of Thanks

Day 14

Today I am thankful for the deep waters. We had a missionary at church Wednesday night who talked about the lessons learned from the deep waters. He talked about how much stronger you have to be to stand in the deep waters...the stormy waters...the shark infested waters!

I'm thankful for the growth that's taken place in my life during the deep water times. In fact, in some aspects I wish I could live in the deep waters....fully trusting, depending on my strong and stable Savior to get me through. ...hey....why can't I???

As fishers of men, God calls us to the deep I am thankful that He also equips the fisherman/woman with the equipment to endure the wild deep seas where the enemy is ready to eat us alive.

Living in the deep water is different for everyone....for me, it is having that first "get to know you" conversation with someone who is an unbeliever. Yet, if I depend on the great Fishman, and trust His expertise, the deep water experience isn't quite so intimidating.

Thank you for the deep water experiences, Father. Help me to have the courage to venture to the deep waters and live for you.

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