Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Gifts...Thankful Thursday

This Thursday I'm thankful for....

1. A sister in law who takes my kids and their friends to the local pool and gives me a few hours of Hallmark Channel time...thanks Sassy!

2. Our church staff that is truly all over the place this week. Two in Peru, two at work camp and the rest  holding down the fort here... Such a hardworking, God-n-people loving group of ministers.

3. .. the mission teams that are represented out of our church this summer 15 to Peru, 16 to Workcamp, 1 to Africa, 1 to Canada and at the end of the summer 38 to Wyoming. What a blessing to share Jesus worldwide!

4.  For fresh veggies from a friend's garden.

5. For a long talk with my mom on the phone....even at 40, nothing is better than talkin' to your momma.

6. For mail from Papua New Guinea and for modern technology that makes thousands of miles not seem quite so far.

7. For the peace of God, which passes all my understanding.

For this and so much more.

What are you thankful for today?

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