Saturday, June 15, 2013

Imperfect Dads

I had an imperfect dad. Charles Douglas Anderson:

He was a closet smoker, wore white socks with black dress shoes (gasp), said the occasional bad word, worked on Sundays sometimes, was color blind, flat footed and if you asked my sister, she would tell you he picked favorites and she was it (however...I'm not sure of the truth to that matter).

I had an imperfect father-in-law. David Alfred Stinson:

He spoiled his kids, wore a toupee for a number of years, got mad when you said something negative about his family, enjoyed a little extra attention, paid for his kids car insurance way into their adult years and even though his daughter would swear she was the favorite...we all know...the grandkids outranked her.

I have an imperfect step-father. Harley Thomas Morris:

He laughs loudly, tells redneck jokes, sends lots of forwards through email, hugs entirely too tightly (shame on him), refuses to rest when he's supposed to, doesn't like to eat out, disobeys drs. orders and would rather fish than shop.

My kids daddy is imperfect too... Ronald Bruce Stinson:

He works too hard, tries to please people, cares sooo deeply, forgets to take out the trash, tells corny jokes, uses improper grammar occasionally, has quite a few hobbies, has favorites songs that span multiple decades...beginning in the 70's, and corrects me when I drive.

I jest...sort of.

I was just thinking today about these men who have influenced how I view the role of a father...and complete with all their imperfections, I realize now more than ever, these are 4 of the best men who have ever walked this earth.

Because amid all those imperfections they are or were:

God fearing
Devoted to their family
Solid in their Beliefs
Hard Working


They have taught me how to recover. They've taught me how to get back up when life knocks you down. They've taught me that, besides God, family is top priority. They've taught me to seize the moment, give extravagantly, serve unnoticed and to love, love, love.

These are the lessons of imperfect men. This is their legacy. These are the lessons of men who have lived with eternity in their hearts...Lessons they taught more through their actions than through their words. Lessons full of honesty and integrity.

Imperfect? Yes. And I'll take it. Each lesson. Each moment. Each memory. Each day. Because in the end, I already have a perfect Father. I know Him and so did my imperfect dads.

Maybe that's why they've been such good fathers.

I think so.

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