Monday, June 3, 2013

Post Sunday Thoughts

Some Sunday's are better than others. Yesterday was one of those. Although it was one of the longest, busiest Sundays, God was busy.

1. I finished up teaching in the ladies Sunday school class at church. I've just been filling in while the teacher was out taking care of a family member who has been ill. These ladies have been such a blessing to me. Almost everyone of them is older than I am, so it was a little intimidating sharing my small amount of life experience with them. I discovered how thankful I am that when God's Word speaks it really doesn't matter who is doing the talking...He's louder. We have had some wonderful discussion over some of my favorite Psalms. I've been reminded just how much God cares for us. 

2. We had a musician's meeting after church. As always, when you get a group of creative minds together there are plenty of opinions and dreaming and ideas. I am thankful for the people God has placed together to mesh worship ideas together. I loved hearing a 15 year old young man share his ideas, as well as hearing the ideas of the oldest member of the group. It's beautiful when the body of Christ is working towards the same goal of worshipping the creator. 

3. Savannah sang a solo in church for the first time. She has sung small parts in programs with the kid's choir backing her up, but this was her first time all alone on the big stage. She did so good (well, of course, I am her mom, so I would say that...but some other people said it too). She sang Jamie Grace's Lead Me On

4. During the evening service we held our new/perspective members class. We had 11 people at the meeting. We enjoyed fellowship with them and with our officers and staff afterwards. I love those people and their sweet and fun personalities. 

When we finally got home it was close to nine or maybe after...not really sure. We all got in our jammies and vegged on the couch for a little bit. We rehashed the goodness of God on our day and reflected a little on what God is busy doing in our own lives. Bruce talked about the sermon, a meeting with our Caraway Worker's and Savannah rehashed her piano lessons from the day. Tucker told on himself and got a little extra sermon on kindness and compassion. And slowly but surely we all realized how tired we were...

But, as tired as we are post Sunday...we are so very thankful that we get to do this amazing job. 

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