Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lost and Found

"I've lost my joy"... I've said these words. More than once, I'm ashamed to say. And I'm learning how foolish I am when I lose something that is so important. Like the keys to my car, or my kid at walmart or the address of a long lost friend. Foolish.....

I've let people rob me. I've let mean looks rob me. I've let gossip rob me. I've let misunderstandings rob me. I've let ministry rob me. I've let financial distress rob me. I've let friends rob me. I've let enemies rob me. I've let family rob me. I think you get the picture.

My point is, I've let these things happen. They didn't just "poof!" happen. They came in and captivated my thoughts, my fears, my insecurities and I LET them rob me of that special joy that comes from being a child of God and walking with Him. His Joy...The joy of the Lord.

Joy can say:

I love you, even though you treat me poorly. I don't want to treat you that way.
I will make it through this hurt. God's up to something.
My joy isn't found in my wallet.
God will never leave me, or forsake me. He's with me.

The joy of the Lord is knowing that weeping endures for the night. But the morning is coming.
The joy of the Lord walks in the truth of God's perfect Words.
The joy of the Lord doesn't let circumstances dictate attitude.
The joy of the Lord helps us walk confidently in who GOD says we are. And as I recently heard, "If you can stand clean before the Lord, you can stand clean before anybody!"

I'm learning this art of Joy. It doesn't come easily or naturally for my flesh. In fact it's about as opposite as it can get. No wonder the enemy wants to rob us. No wonder the world tries to discourage us. No wonder we feel overwhelmed by this journey.

Are you wondering where you left your joy? Find it at the same place you found it the first's the real thing with Jesus. There are plenty of counterfeits out there that will tell you it's found in people and prosperity and possessions. But, at the end of the can have all this world...Give me Jesus.

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