Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sparkly Green Earrings

A few months ago I asked Bruce to pick this book, Sparkly Green Earrings, up when he was making a trip to the bookstore in Springfield, Mo, during Fellowship Week. There was quite the buzz going on thru blogs, facebook and twitter and I knew if there was that much momtalk going on, it was probably going to be great.

So, thinking I would just have gobs and gobs of time to read this summer, I added it to my stack of soon to be read. And finally, Friday, I had the chance to read it. In 5 short hours, this gem of a book made me laugh, cry and feel. As a mom, it was like sitting down and having a visit with an old friend. The casualness of the written word made it an easy read...and I found myself wanting a sequel....NOW!

If you are a mom who has struggled with feeling up to par, choosing your kid's extra curriculars, potty training your child, miscarriage, family size, keeping your mouth shut, school transitions....then you MUST purchase this darling book.

Melanie Shankle (AKA Big Mama in the blogosphere) is as real and transparent as they come these days. She writes the truth. There's no sugarcoating the ups and the downs of mommyhood. 

At the close of the book I left feeling encouraged to be part of this seasonal moment of raising my kids. It won't last forever, the job description will change from bottle washer, to tear dryer, to counselor, to cheerleader...but you will always be helping to shape the heart of your child. 

So, click on the picture of the book above or go HERE to purchase your copy of my favorite book of the summer .... so far!

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