Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1 Month of Homemaking

So today marks my one month anniversary since becoming a full time stay at home mom. A few things have dawned on me over the last month and so I thought I would share my random wealth of wisdom regarding my discoveries:

1. My kids are not nearly as excited about eating home cooked meals as I am.

2. Every mom should have a happy hour. I opt for an alcohol free one. One hour of kids in their rooms doing whatever kids do...1 hour of me doing whatever I want. It usually includes diet coke and a book....but could just as easily be a nap or crocheting or catching up with a friend. Do this one thing to save your sanity.

3. There's a lot of grime in my house....like the hairspray build-up that the swiffer has to remove each week from the bathroom floor (don't judge, I warned you, this post was random)

4. There are days that I don't leave my house. I'm ok with this.

5. The laundry...while, yes, it does get washed and folded, still has trouble putting itself away.

6. In an effort to save money I sarcastically offered to wash both vehicles by hand at home each week. I do hope that Bruce heard my sarcasm, because if not, you'll be seeing us in two awfully dirty cars soon.

7. I've managed to make banana bread, homemade cookies, muffins and brownies this month. I think it's time for a carb intervention.

8. Tucker's revolt against the 15 minutes of reading time each day culminated with him reading a dictionary the other day. Bad idea. Rethinking this whole thing now. There are words children should not try to sound out before they are able to understand them.

9. God's teaching me that I don't have to be busy right now. It's a time of discovery...discovering my children's gifts and talents, discovering recipes, discovering a rhythm that works for our family and discovering what God wants from me during this season. It doesn't have to look like anything anyone else is doing. It's a unique design.

10. And lastly, Bruce is way too glad I'm home. He's commenting on the way the house smells....and it's not in that "smelly sock, vegetables rotting in the back of the fridge" way.

Looking forward to the next month....and years.

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