Friday, June 14, 2013

A Little Cheesy

Yesterday I had the blessing of speaking at our community wide Widow to Widow group. The group meets every other month at various locations and shares lunch, fellowship and a short devotion. I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies and hearing their vision for a broader ministry in our county.

As I said, we shared a meal. One of the ladies had made the best pimento cheese sandwiches and as she gathered her dishes from the buffet table to go home, I nearly knocked her over to find our the recipe. (Sorry, Mrs. Sue) So, here's her secret recipe for the best pimento cheese in the universe:

1. Small container of Prices Pimento Cheese Spread already prepared (see, you like this recipe already)

2. One small container of whipped cream cheese

3. Handful or 1/2 c. pecans (optional)

Mix the pimento cheese and the whipped cream cheese 50/50

Add pecans if desire.

That's it.

Well, she did trim the crust of the fresh white bread, just like any good grandma would do...but truly, I don't think it influenced the taste! yourself some!


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Kathy said...

I've made a similar swift advance toward someone with one aim: not letting them get out the door before I get their recipe! I laughed when I read your description. The recipe looks a.mazing!!! Thanks for sharing, and I know your portion was a blessing to them as well.