Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday's Reading

Lots and lots of good links out there this week. Hope you have a few minutes to be encouraged, enjoy a laugh or to just be entertained. Here you go:

1. From my favorite diet coke loving author, Lysa Terkurst....on my favorite of the best articles I've ever read.. Click HERE to read about how mama's can feel sometimes.

2. If you need a little bit of a should read THIS ....about something that we really do need to talk about at this time of year.

3. If one chuckle wasn't enough.... Go HERE. Evidently this 1980's form of exercise is making a comeback. Be sure to watch the video in it's entirety to get the full impact.

4. If you homeschool a middle schooler or a high school student who needs a foreign language credit, THIS might be just what you're looking for.

5. I came across THIS article written back in January. If you're parenting boys...this is pretty good stuff.

6. Chuckle #3 alert: Whether you're a teacher or a student or a parent, by the end of the year, it's all survival of the fittest. I've never been fit, so THIS article pretty much sums up how it is. might say there's a little less seriousness on the blog're right. But hey, somebody out there needs to laugh...most of us do. And a quote I heard this week that has stuck with me is, "Take yourself less seriously and your ministry more seriously". I think we could all use a good belly laugh now and then. Hope this helped you get yours!

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