Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Once Upon A Time

June 19, 1993....20 years....

Half my life...

I've loved this man...

Sure...we were just kids when we said "I do". We had no idea how hard, and good, and precious and frightful this journey would be. And it's a good thing. Because I'm not very brave and I might would have changed my mind.


Finished College
Lived in Paris...Texas, that is, College Station, Beaumont, Gunter and Sulphur Springs...all Texas!
Become Aggie Fans
Survived 20 years of ministry together
Said goodbye to 4 babies through miscarriage
Loved many kids who were not our own
Said hello to 2 precious children through birth
Buried loved ones
Rejoiced over God's blessings
Cried over disappointments
Made mistakes
Bought and sold houses
Made a home wherever we were
Celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and milestones
Have shared the lowest and highest moments of life

And there's still more...

More challenges
More celebrations
More "I'm sorrys"
More learning
More lows and highs

And because of the past we know...

We'll walk it all together. Because there are few greater joys in life than walking this life with someone you trust, you admire, you love, you respect, you enjoy...even after 20 years.

Thank you God...for these years and the ones to come...we are blessed.

Enjoy these pictures...We had some good chuckles with the kids over them last night!

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