Tuesday, February 1, 2011


There is a pot roast, complete with carrots, potatoes and onions, simmering in the crockpot as I type up this post. The smell is delicious. I'm in my flannel pants, the fireplace is warming up the house and the smell of freshly brewed coffee struggles to beat out the smell of dinner. Kids are watching Enchanted, Bruce is at work (poor guy), laundry is tossing in the dryer (as always), snow is falling and I am browsing...channels, magazines and blogs. It's a warm snuggly kind of day where you don't dare open the door for fear of freezing your socks off!

I needed today. A day where there was no agenda, no deadlines, nothing pressing. Just me and my kids, something yummy to eat and time to just be. Doesn't everyone?

Hope you're staying cozy warm and all snuggly wherever you are today!

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Kathy said...

While we're not having snowy weather, our little city is somewhat nippier than normal. I wear cozy things around the house, and I occasionally turn on our column space heater in the school room. Danny's and my room is the coldest in the casa, so I just wrap those covers around me. : )