Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rolling Blackouts

Today North and East Texans (and possibly elsewhere) experienced what electric companies call "rolling blackouts". The power goes off alternately for about 15 minutes or so and then comes back on. It's all planned and there's nothing to worry about...well unless you're in the middle of baking homemade bread, drying your hair or taking a breathing treatment. Anyway, it's nearly harmless....but, boy have I heard people complain like all get out today.

It's 15 minutes people!!!! I happened to have been thrilled when the rolling blackout happened at school. I had just walked in the door at about 7:40am and poof there went the power. I immediately started dreaming of how I was going to spend another day at home. Organizing? Crafting? Redecorating? Cooking? The list was coming along quite nicely when Bruce came through the building with the bad  news that the power would be back on momentarily. And it did. Darn.

This afternoon as I was checking Facebook and email I read many comments about the loss of power today. Some not so nice...some funny...and some down right mean towards the electric companies. Then it hit me. We quickly become dissatisfied when we lose "power". When we have no control over the who is making decisions and the power is randomly on and off it's frustrating. often do we purposely unplug from the power of Jesus Christ (you knew this was coming)....we stop reading His Word, we distance ourselves from the fellowship of other believers, we skip a few church services and then a few more, we spend more time complaining about the sermon, the pastor, the church than we do lifting them up in prayer, we become dissatisfied, angry. WE UNPLUG. And most of the time, we don't think about the consequences of this power failure in our life. And time goes by....and we grow cold, chilled toward the things of Christ, cool towards the body of Christ, and frigid in our actions, attitudes and spirit. WE'VE UNPLUGGED.

The good news is that getting plugged back in is super easy. Confession starts the spark for the renewed energy we can have when we realize that we've distanced ourselves from the power source. God is perfectly capable of restoring the power....HIS power to our lives. Isn't that reassuring? He doesn't need 15 minutes to restore's instantly. For that....I am completely thankful. There have been so many times where I've unplugged because I thought I knew what was best for me....I wanted to avoid unpleasant things, people, I distance myself from those things and dealing with those things....and in essence I distanced myself from the power source...and in the long run, I was affected more negatively by the power failure than if I had dealt with those hardships within the power of God's strength.

So....get plugged in and stay there....there is no power outage when you are safe in the shelter of God's hand.


Laurie D. said...

Gina, thanks for this! I needed to read this today! Thanks for your insight into spiritual things in our lives!

Jamie said...

I just started my Beth Moore "Breaking Free" study and she said the same a different way of course but I am thankful to hear it again. It is good to be reminded of our faults and that we need Him to make us complete.

Thanks Gina!!