Friday, February 11, 2011

A is for Apple

Let me explain...I have never had a fancy smancy fact I have almost ridiculed Bruce for his love of his Blackberry. Well, my little phone began randomly turning off and on about 3 months ago..and I spilt a diet coke on it and then dropped I thought then I would go get a blackberry or something like that. Then I realized I had a $100 upgrade coming if I could wait just 3 months....and there was rumor that the iphone was coming to Verizon. So I waited...and if that waiting resulted in me missing a phone call from you...I apologize. I was just to close to joining the apple family....I had to wait!!!

So now I have my iphone...and he has his...and we are a happy Apple family....and just so you know....the eight year old in our house is giving us tutorials! How do they know so much???

So...if you have a favorite app (see look at me using all the hip apple lingo :).....please let me know what it is...and why I need it!!!


Kathy said...

Congrats!!! We should upgrade ours one of these days. I would love the email/facebook on the go, and some of the other things I've heard about the iPhone.

Keelie said...

My faves:
PS Mobile-- lets you crop and alter photos. I use it a lot.
blue letter bible--a good bible app with commentary, root words, etc.
kindle for iphone--LOVE! every book is right at your fingertips.

SOme others you might like:
All Recipes dinner spinner
Couch to 5K
My Net Diary
boggle $.99
rain sleepmaker

have fun--I love my iphone!

Anonymous said...

Gina, you need to try words with friends it is a scrabble game and very fun. I think you would be very good at that.