Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unlikely Worship Part 2

I loaded the Pandora App to my iphone yesterday. My world is a better place for it. I added a few channels to my already established account and was anticipating enjoying them the next time I went to the gym.

So at 6:40 this morning...when the alarm went off ( is SATURDAY!) I got ready and hit the treadmill at the gym. The treadmills are right in front of the tinted glass window at the fitness center and since I've never been at the gym at 6:40 I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

I had just put the ear buds in and cranked the Matt Papa channel (if you haven't discovered Matt must...he has a free download every month on his site....go now!) when I happened to glance outside and witness what I do believe to be one of the most beautiful sunrises ever! Maybe it's the fact that it's been blistering cold and cloudy here for a while but it was by far a moment to be remembered. As I worked out for the next few minutes I got to watch God show His handiwork off. The slow rise of glorious yellow light illuminated the sky and as God's painting filled the sky I was overwhelmed with the thought.... if God can place this earth in His Hand and the sun and moon and stars and planets in place....then I really do believe He can transform this physical body to be what it needs to be to glorify Him. His creation ought to bring Him glory....the sun was doing its part this morning...and in a small I worked out...I think I might have been doing mine.

After a few bad days of no workout and less than perfect eating, I needed to be nudged in this direction.

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