Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Proverbs 8- Can You Hear Me Now?

Proverbs 8....one of my favorites. 

Does not wisdom call out? 

It seems like I am always wondering the next step to take, wishing I had the answers, worrying if I am being a godly parent....How often do I need a good dose of wisdom!

Wisdom isn't about being intelligent, it's about being still enough to hear and obey the voice of the one who knows it all.

That's what chapter 8 is all about. Wisdom isn't hiding in the bushes or underneath the bed. It's readily available...it's crying out for us to take hold of it. So many times we wonder why we can't hear what God wants for us. Here are a few common roadblocks to finding wisdom...

1. Not asking for it. We will worry, fret, talk to a friend, re-hash our circumstances...but what about just asking God for wisdom to deal with them. James chapter 1 deals with this topic.

2. We want our own way. We might want to "say" we've sought God's opinion about a matter...but in reality what we really want is to have our own way.

3. We don't want to get still enough to hear God's voice about a matter. Getting still is uncomfortable for some people. It's hard to get real with God....but don't worry about it...He already knows the real you.

4. We are lazy. Sorry...but it's true. I sometimes don't have the wisdom I need because I have been too lazy to get in His Word and see what it says regarding a matter.

5. We don't want to know what God has to say about the issue. We know we are sinning...but we like it so we don't want to ask God for His advice on the matter.

Please don't think I'm pointing fingers...these are ALL issues I have/am/will face. It's terribly revealing to write them all out...and a little shameful. With God's wisdom being so readily available I am ashamed that I don't seek it more diligently. 

What if....

1. Before I asked a friend for advice I asked God for wisdom?

2. Before I complained about a matter I asked God for wisdom?

3. Before I worried about a situation I asked God for wisdom?

My world might look a little different. Don't mistake what I am saying. God gives wise counsel, good books, great music, a good friend....but ultimately Wisdom comes from HIS WORD...HIS PRESENCE...HIS VOICE. Nothing can take the place of HIM.

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