Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proverbs 6- Things God Hates

In my opinion, Proverbs 6 is not a feel good chapter of the Bible. So, if you're looking for a sweet little post might want to hop on over to another blog. Truth is....sometimes we all need a little toe stepping, wake up call type message from God. It feels like this is what is happening in this chapter. insect that most of the time we do our best to exterminate...but funny....God wants us to stop and examine them. They are busy, organized, hard working, wise little creatures. Solomon instructs us to learn from them. He mentions that they have no one lording over them to be sure they do the right thing, yet they do. He mentions that they store up for winter which indicates that their business is worthwhile...not spent on doing things that are frivolous.

Then he goes on to talk about the things God hates. YIKES. Hate is such a strong word....and I guess that is why it's used here....summed up these are the list of things God hates:

1. Pride
2. Lying
3. Murder of the Innocent
4. Scheming, Wicked Heart
5. Feet that rush to do evil things
6. False witness-- someone who lies to hurt others
7. A Person who stirs up conflict in a community

I dare say we can all attest to participating in one of more of these things sometime in our life. I was thinking about this passage of scripture and how that maybe if I acted more like the ANT I would act less like these 7 things. If I was busy doing worthwhile things, perhaps I would have less time to do things that God hates. Perhaps if I was looking toward the future (eternity)...there would be less time for me to worry about today. 

Then towards the end of the chapter Solomon revisits the issue of adultery. Again I am reminded that God has placed a high standard for purity in marriage. It makes perfect sense considering it's the same picture- the church(the bride) is to Christ(the groom). Pure, holy, undefiled, beautiful. The bride of Christ. 

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